A Mission That Delivers.

Our mission is to provide nutritious meals, wellness checks, and caring contact to elderly, disabled homebound, and others in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa has been serving the Tulsa area and surrounding communities for nearly 50 years. 

Meals on Wheels provides the support that our seniors need to extend their independence and health as they age. For many Tulsans, Meals on Wheels is the difference between remaining in their own homes and needing to relocate to a nursing facility. The nutritious meal, wellness check, and caring contact help them cope with three of the biggest threats of aging: hunger, isolation, and loss of independence. 

The public-private partnership supporting the Meals on Wheels movement is one of the most effective models in America – providing a cost-effective solution that serves all. Research proves that when seniors have the right support, they gain a more excellent quality of life, need fewer hospital stays, and live longer. 


The senior population is the fastest-growing demographic in America. In Oklahoma, seniors make up 21% of the population.  Of these seniors, 25% live alone and 16% are threatened by hunger on a daily basis.



Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa is a valuable lifeline that needs your support. This community-based program is welcomed into the homes of the Tulsa area's most at-risk individuals with every meal delivery. This cost-effective solution serves us all. Meals on Wheels can provide a senior meals for an entire year for roughly the same cost as one night in a hospital. 


Frequent in-home visits provide unique opportunities to meet nutritional needs, combat social isolation, address safety hazards, and provide caring contact. Nine out of ten recipients say Meals on Wheels helps them feel more secure.


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