Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, a Tulsa-based, community funded nonprofit serving homebound individuals with nutritious meals and essential services, has partnered with QuikTrip to secure additional freezer storage at QuikTrip’s warehouse. This will allow Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa to prepare and store a total of 6,000 meals that will be delivered to homebound seniors during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I want to thank QuikTrip for their ongoing support and generosity for Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa,” said Calvin Moore, president and chief executive officer at Meal on Wheels of Metro Tulsa. “Currently, our facility’s freezer can only store 1,000 meals. With the extra freezer space donated by QuikTrip, we will be able to prepare and store an additional 5,000 meals for our seniors.”

Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa is using the next two days to prepare a total of 6,000 meals that can be stored in the freezer, as the organization works to meet the growing needs of homebound seniors in our community.

“During this troubling and uncertain time, QuikTrip is pleased that we have an opportunity to help our most vulnerable citizens,” said Mike Thornburgh, spokesperson for QuikTrip. “We encourage others who have the opportunity to help out their fellow citizens to do so.”

In an effort to further reduce the spread of illness, Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa is taking additional precautions to limit the number of people handling meals. This means the organization will shift its delivery from daily to once per week. This system will provide seniors with one week’s worth of meals that can be stored in the freezer in one delivery. Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa volunteers will still be needed to conduct wellness checks, at least three times per week, for each senior. Because wellness checks usually occur during meal delivery, the organization is setting up a phone call system so that volunteers can check in with seniors via call throughout the week.

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