Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, a Tulsa-based community funded nonprofit serving homebound individuals with nutritious meals and essential services, will continue delivering more than 1,000 meals per day while preparing to serve an additional 75,000 emergency meals to homebound seniors during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa has been working around the clock to enable its crisis response plan that will allow its team to meet the demands of homebound seniors during this crisis. The organization anticipates delivering 18,750 meals per week on 90 routes to homebound seniors. To meet this weekly meal delivery, the organization is utilizing the extra freezer space provided by QuikTrip to stockpile more than 5,000 frozen meals and 3,000 shelf stable meals.

“The COVID-19 crisis is forcing us to deliver our mission in ways we had not imagined,” said Calvin Moore, president and chief executive officer at Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa. “For the first time in our 50-year history, we are repurposing our volunteers, and delivering meals and care utilizing a small number of paid drivers. Our goal is to deliver our mission, while keeping everyone safe.”

The organization is also making a shift in its delivery schedule this week to further reduce the spread of illness to their seniors. This emergency response delivery schedule is part of the organization’s Campus Delivery team which utilizes paid drivers to make weekly delivery of frozen or shelf stable meals to homebound seniors. Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa’s 2,300 volunteers are shifting to remote opportunities which include giving seniors a phone call three times per week to conduct wellness checks to ensure seniors are safe and healthy in their home during this time of extreme social distancing.

The precautions in place allow for minimal in-person contact ensuring that Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa can continue delivering services even if a senior becomes quarantined due to COVID-19.

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