Thank you for your partnership with Meals on Wheels on Metro Tulsa. Our goal is to achieve and to fulfill our mission each day in order to properly thank you for your partnership.

We honor your donations with our recognition societies. To renew your donation or make a second donation to fuel our ever-growing need, please give today.

Membership for the annual giving society will include the current year through the gift renewal in the next calendar year. 

Donations may be either remitted in full or pledged and paid in increments annually.

Society member recognition will be focused on keeping donors informed of our impact, thanked, and cherished.

Meals on Wheels Recognition Societies details are noted below.


Donors pursuing an impactful partnership towards the success of Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa. Members contributing to the point-to-point support of the annual operations that connect our mission to those we serve.

  • Door of Caring $1,000

  • Door of Friendship $2,000

  • Door of Hope $3,000

Members will receive:

  • Annual listing in the Hope to Home Society Honor Roll

  • Discounted Reservations to Meals on Wheels Events

  • Annual Recognition Item for each level of membership beginning 2022

  • Encouragement for annual society membership

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Partners pursuing a leading role in elevating Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa through philanthropy.

  • Advocate $5,000

  • Ambassador $10,000

  • Champion $20,000

Members will receive:

  • Recognition as a member of the Meals on Wheels 1970 Heritage Society Honor Roll beginning 2022

  • Annual listing in the 1970 Heritage Society Impact Report and Publication

  • Premium reservations to 1970 Heritage Society recognition events

  • Commemorative Year End Gift for each level of membership



In 1970, Founder Betty Payne began a program at First Presbyterian Church in Tulsa that served those in her community that were elderly, disabled, or who could no longer shop or cook for themselves.  This program began to provide nutritious meals delivered three days a week by caring volunteers.


Leave a Lasting Legacy

You care about making a lasting difference in your community. What if you could continue to provide donations beyond your lifetime that were meaningful to a charitable organization? A legacy gift to Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa will mean vulnerable seniors receive nutritious meals and caring support for years to come.  


A Legacy Gift

A legacy gift in your will is a meaningful way to support Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa. Giving, serving, and planning for the future make for good stewardship. Some legacy gifts also offer benefits such as income during your lifetime, assets transfers, and tax savings.   Whatever the size, your gift will ensure that homebound seniors have the support they need to live at home with independence and dignity.  


As a valued member of The Betty Payne Legacy Society your generous legacy gift will help sustain vital services for new generations of Meals on Wheels recipients.


  • Recognition will be focused on keeping society members informed, thanked and cherished

  • Legacy Society Members receive Annual Impact Reports and Recognition

  • Commemorative Gift beginning in 2022

  • Premium reservations to Legacy Society recognition events


Our staff will assist you with all legacy gift options. Please contact us at Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa Legacy Giving Office at 918-491-0079 or request a Legacy Giving Guide from Chris at

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