Our pet food deliveries help keep pets and seniors together.


Pets are important to people, especially the homebound. They foster a sense of security, help combat loneliness, and increase a person's wellness. The PAWS Program is a pet food program designed to support companionship animals of our homebound recipients. In doing so, it also ensures that our recipients maintain healthy diets without sacrificing their meal to protect their pet from hunger.


The PAWS Program delivers a month-long supplemental portion of pet food to our homebound recipients. PAWS deliveries happen in the morning, on the third Saturday of each month. Our recipients count on our pet food deliveries to keep them and their pet companions together in their forever home.



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We believe our values generate success and we are determined to live by them.

Compassion. We do what we do because we genuinely care about people!

Attitude.  We will remain positive no matter what the circumstance. We practice unconditional positive regard for all people. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve others!

Relationships. We value relationships above all things.

Excellence. Continued and constant improvement is what we seek. We want to do all things well!

Servant Leadership. To serve is to lead and to lead is to serve. Everyone has the capacity to become a leader. 

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