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Meals on Wheels helps build ramp for senior after three falls on unsafe stairs

A man is getting the help he needs to heal after falling many times down his own staircase in north Tulsa.

Terry Finney, 65, has been a Meals on Wheels recipient since his heart attack a little over four years ago. He said he has fallen down the steep steps that lead to his house at least three times. After his nurse nearly fell, as well, she connected him with the Home Safety Program through Meals on Wheels.

Jonathan Vanbeber, director of client care for Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, led a project Wednesday with volunteers building frames for the ramp at the start of the day.

“A big piece of what we’re doing is our focus of maintaining independence in the home, and home safety is a big part of that,” Vanbeber said.

The Home Safety Program’s biggest project is building wheelchair ramps; however, it also takes on projects to reduce trip hazards and make it easier for volunteers to find the homes where they deliver meals.

“I feel like a lot of times in our community people feel that they’re not cared for or that they’re overlooked, and I want to be able to show up here saying, ‘We’re here for you,’ wrap our big arms around them and make them feel enjoyed and loved and heard,” said Lauren Orr, special projects manager at Meals on Wheels.

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