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Together, We Can Deliver. Even During Winter Storms.

Our mission does not stop - even when the weather is freezing and the roads are treacherous. We provide nutritious meals, wellness checks, and caring contact to elderly, disabled homebound, and others in Tulsa and surrounding areas - no matter what.

Delivery routes and dates and menus might change; but we always deliver.

We have a multi-level contingency plan to ensure our clients have meals even during a blizzard. Learn how we do it and how you can help.

Blizzard Boxes

When the weather is cold we deliver a week of frozen meals to ensure our clients never go hungry. Blizzard Boxes allow us to take fewer trips to keep our volunteers safe while also allowing our clients to maintain their independence at home. As always, our volunteers call to check in with clients throughout the week.

St. Bernard Brigade

Do you have a 4-wheel drive? Join the St. Bernard Brigade and help us deliver meals during winter storms. It hasn’t happened since 2007 but when it does - we need every person in Tulsa with a big heart and a 4x4 vehicle to join us.

Be a Meals on Wheels Snow Angel

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