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It’s all I have.”


Remembering Charity, Creating Your Legacy

Like many people who have spent years supporting their favorite community and religious causes, you may want to make a gift to charity.  Naming a charity as a beneficiary in your Revocable Living Trust can be an effective way to perpetuate your values.  Many people would like to do more during life, but have other responsibilities to consider.  A gift in your Revocable Living Trust allows you to give when you no longer need the funds and also lowers your estate taxes.


A Legacy Gift

Like many people, you may be considering a charitable bequest to one or more charitable organizations. Unfortunately, without a will, you will not be able to leave a legacy of your giving even after you are gone.  Through a will, you can ensure that you are furthering the good work of those organizations long after you are gone.


Contact the Meals on Wheels Metro Tulsa planned giving office at 918-491-0079 or chris@tagpg.org to find out the documents needed to confirm your gift.



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