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Thank you for your interest in upcoming opportunities! 
We have a lot of events this time of year - we truly need your help!


New volunteers can start by submitting an application HERE.


If you are already a volunteer - here are a few one-time-only events:

Blizzard Box Labeling is a very important activity that directly impacts our clients’ welfare during winter weather that may cause our office to close

  • Blizzard Box Labeling Day – Monday, 11/27 – 1p-3p (10 volunteer spots available) - REGISTER HERE

  • Blizzard Box Labeling Day – Tuesday, 11/28 – 1p-3p (10 volunteer spots available) - REGISTER HERE

Christmas Gift Sorting is a vital task that directly enhances the holiday experience for our clients, ensuring a festive touch during the season of giving.

  • Christmas Gift Sorting Day - Monday, 12/11 – 2 shifts 9a-12p and/or 1p-4p – 10 volunteers per shift - REGISTER HERE

  • Christmas Gift Bagging Day - Tuesday, 12/12 – 1p-4p – 10 volunteers per shift - REGISTER HERE

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